How to Maximize User Buy-In for Franchise Clients You Service

As a follow up to our IFA Takeaway post, we thought this article from Dan Martin, CEO of IFx was appropriate. Maximizing your Franchisee’s buy-in is something¬† near and dear to every systems heart and this article gives you a great method of doing that.



The process flow necessary to achieve the highest franchisee buy-in incorporates franchisee (and/or FAC) INVOLVEMENT. It is critical for the franchisor to include their franchisees (or key franchisees or FAC) IN the process even if the franchisor knows that their franchisees will buy-into the innovation simply because it is the best thing for them.

Involving franchisees in the consideration of new products, services and/or innovations provides valuable input from franchisees. Further, politically it serves to empower franchisees.

The A-Z formula or process flow that relates to franchisee buy-in is based on INVOLVEMENT. The premise being: How often do franchisors turn to their franchisees and ask them what they think? Not often enough.

A. Consider a new product, service or innovation at the franchisor level

B. Build-in a component that benefits your franchise development efforts

C. Incorporate political, practical and legal elements at franchisor level

D. Incorporate political, practical and legal elements at franchisee level

E. Obtain buy-in from the franchisor’s management team

F. Incorporate tracking/analytics

G. Negotiate an individual or cumulative break

H. Provide the break back to the franchisee or;

I. Provide the break as a supplement to the National Ad Fund noted in FDD

J. Develop examples of the products/ service for FAC/ Beta Group

K. Indicate that their input in needed to determine viability

L. Encourage brand-specific input that based on political, practical, legal

M. Ecnourage input that you already know that answers to (trial lawyer)

N. Assemble Feedback

O. Make adjustments to the product/ service for pacification

P. Re-roll out to FAC/ Beta Group

Q. Obtain additional input/ testimonials

R. Channel introduction via existing franchisee(s) (not the franchisor only)

S. Name the product/ service so it’s unique to the brand

T. Refer to the renamed product/ service as an asset in operations

U. Implement the benefits for franchise development use

V. Provide self- analytic capabilities to franchisees to determine metrics

W. Incorporate micro and macro use reports (franchisees/ franchisor)

X. Incorporate micro/macro reports on cumulative break progress

Y. Further incentivise franchisees for breaks

Z. Publicize process, net benefits, analytics and breaks to franchise

About Dan

Dan Martin, CFE began his career in franchising in 1983. After a few years of working with some well known franchise organizations and franchise law firms, Dan decided to move to the next level and start his own Franchise Management & Marketing Firm that would ultimately result in a 300+ franchisor client base servicing 23,000+ franchisees in 23 countries. Dan has always recognized opportunities and capitalized on his knowledge of franchising and his desire to expand his knowledge base, as well as his company’s client base. Dan’s experience as both franchisee and franchisor is an absolutely invaluable combination that allows him the ability to recognize new opportunities, identify mission critical issues and develop powerful and practical strategies and solutions beneficial to virtually any type or size of franchise organization. For any inquiries e-mail Dan directly at

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