Consistent Branding is key to your Franchise Online Image

Your franchise online marketing program needs to be built on a foundation of brand consistency Nationally AND Locally

Many franchises struggle with this issue as there is cross contamination of intended and un-intentional advertising and marketing content for a franchises anchor identity as well as well-meaning franchisees advertising outside of the franchise system.

This contamination causes confusion and noise for consumers in their search for business information through online, mobile, social and email channels thereby

cutting into the number of leads generated by your marketing efforts.

Now, we are all dealing with formerly offline-only media (e.g., newspapers, Yellow Pages) offering online versions, the intermingling of advertising information hascreated even more conflicting data.

Your franchise online marketing ecosystem should follow these best practices to achieve a consistent business identity:

Be cognizant of your online brand identity.  Regardless of the types of media you include in your advertising and marketing programs, incorporate the same standards so your widely accepted corporate identity remains universal.

Be sure to monitor your identity on search sites that are important to you for traffic. As an example, franchises should track how franchisees come up on their local and vertically-focused sites. If something doesn’t look right on the results, contact the site. Identifying the root data source is vital to fixing these errors.

Additionally, give your Franchisee the tools they need to build the franchise brand locally by using local advertising campaigns that are brand consistent.  This solidifies the franchises anchor identity. Tether your ads to existing correct identities. There are helpful tools for querying the common data sources to retrieve the identity of record.  Also, ensure that you conform to standards for the company’s brand identity by using the proper local business name, a standardized business address and the commonly accepted main phone number.

ElementsLocal software, gives the franchise a tool to protect brand integrity with BrandProtect™ included in our franchise online marketing software platform.  The software platform contains controls that allow the franchise to have control of the brand through work flow for content and protect the integrity of the brand with standard content across franchisee websites.

The digital age has forced the intermingling of online marketing and user-generated content sometimes to the detriment of the sanctity of the franchises true identity.  As the search for local information continues to rise so does the need for a consistent identity across all platforms.

Brand consistently- Brand locally - Brand protect.


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